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Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Introduction to the Owners of of The Wild Dirt

Dennis Fiore and I, Alexander Kwapis, first met on our Boy Scouts of America Order of the Arrow Ordeal campout when we were kids. Over the years we have planned and led everything from backpacking trips, multi-day canoe outings, winter camping explorations, and international adventures. We have led everything from large groups all the way down to our own solo trips into the wild.

We have taught others about outdoor ethics, food preparation, trip planning, compass work, and many more outdoor-related skills over the years and we want to share our knowledge to all of you. We are continual wilderness learners ourselves and have taken courses and certifications on a variety of topics from wilderness first aid, Leave No Trace trainer, PADI certification, and Opik winter camping.

We don’t just spend time bettering ourselves in the wilderness we also find the importance of community, giving back, and supporting others to better us all.

Through our adventures together and apart Dennis and I have worked to support others, bring people outside to explore nature, and leave it better than the way it was before we got there. The Wild Dirt was designed in nature, brought about through a passion to educate, protect, and explore the outdoors.

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