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Ice Climbing Festivals

4 Reasons Why You Should Go To An Ice Climbing Festival

Why on Earth do you do something like ICE CLIMBING!? I have heard this exclamation or some form like it from friends and family over the years as I started to enter into the sport of ice climbing. Here are 4 reasons why you should learn ice climbing and why you should do it at an ice climbing festival.

Mind and Body Improvements: Ice climbing is a great workout. When you are not able to ice climb using the urge to improve your abilities is a great goal to work towards for next season. I found that it also helped bring a sense of focus, calm, and mindfulness as I worked my way up a frozen waterfall. I find that at many festivals there are activities like Yoga For Ice Climbers.

Safe and Fun: At a festival, I find that you really get to learn how to safely ice climb. Or make it as safe as you can while climbing up a frozen column of ice. Ice climbing has been a joy to learn. If you enjoy winter sports like snowshoeing, winter hikes, cross country skiing, or downhill and want to extend your rock climbing season they try ice climbing.

Social: I love the social aspect of an ice climbing festival. In the morning as you are waiting for your class to begin you meet your climbing partners in the group. You climb with them all day and form bonds. Later in the evening a festival usually has evening guest speakers and movies. And many times after that are parties and social gatherings.

Low Investment: Ice climbing is a specialized and equipment-heavy sport but at a festival, you can rent gear at an economical price. Many times your gear comes with the price of a class. No better way to try before you buy than going to a festival.

If you are looking for a new winter sport then I suggest you take on the rewarding sport of ice climbing and do so at an ice climbing festival. They are held annually around the country from Colorado and Montana to New Hampshire and Michigan.

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