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Seeking The Vision

We inspire others to get outside using responsibly-made products that improve their adventures while protecting the wild places they love.

We recognize that people want to experience adventure stories through unique lenses that match who they are or aspire to be. Through stories and media, we inspire and inform outdoor interested individuals that match who they are. People want to get outside, but many have limited training or knowledge of the norms of the outdoors and its preservation.

We promote education and training to safely be outdoors. This includes partnering, financially supporting, and promoting other outdoor non-profit organizations. people need guidance on the tools and equipment needed to enjoy their wilderness adventures. Many outdoor magazines that have equipment reviews are already speaking to their community instead of talking to those not currently heavy outdoor equipment users. Without talking down to people we strive to guide people as to which gear will help them create their own stories and improved experiences. Our people are conscious consumers looking to lighten their footprint as they go on this journey. We pay our workers and partner factories fair wages while responsibly making products that are built to last. The purchase of these thoughtful objects allows us to support and promote environmental non-profits that work to preserve the places our consumers love.

Come with us on this journey...

Photo by Sparsh Karki from Pexels

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